Secret Realm offers its players the use of Towny. Towny, in short, allows players to make towns and have their friends join as members. Towns serve as a safe haven or sorts and protect your structures from griefers. Towns, however, are not available for creation right out of the gate; in order to qualify for town creation you must be ranked Baron or above and have 500 coins to forfeit as a creation fee. (For more information on Ranks, visit the Ranks Page) While players must be a Baron or above to create a town, to join a town one must simply be ranked Peasant or above.

Towns are taxed every 24 hours, or 1 day, real time and the amount of these taxes vary based upon players in your town. Town Mayors can choose to tax their town members or not, they themselves are exempt from taxtation however. Regardless of taxation within your own town, your town must be able to foot the taxes imposed upon it by the server.

While reading through this, you may have also been wondering, "How do I expand the amount of protected land my town encompasses and how much will it cost?" The answer to this question is by purchasing chunks. Chunks are defined as 16x16 block regions that go from bedrock to sky limit; these regions will be protected from griefing by people outside of your town. Each chunk that you purchase, aside from your home chunk, which comes free upon town creation, will cost 5000 coins. The money used to claim chunks will be taken from your town bank so be careful about how many chunks you claim because if you do not have enough money in your town bank to afford the taxes and your town members do not pay taxes, your town will be disbanded by the server. Let it be known that you cannot expand your town infinitely by continually claiming chunks, there is a chunk limit depending on the number of players in your town. The more players in your town, the more chunks you can claim up to a cap.

Town Size Daily Upkeep Max Town Size
1 or 2 100 Coins 4 Chunks
3 to 5 100 Coins 10 Chunks
6 to 10 200 Coins 20 Chunks
11 to 15 300 Coins 30 Chunks
16 to 20 400 Coins 40 Chunks
21 to 25 500 Coins 50 Chunks
26 to 30 600 Coins 60 Chunks
31+ 700 Coins 70 Chunks

We hope this page explaining the way in which our server uses Towny has been helpful! If you have any other questions regarding Towns and Towny itself please do not hesitate to ask questions in game. Happy Minecrafting!


Create a new town /town new {townname}
Claim a chunk /town claim
Unclaim a chunk /town unclaim
Deposit money in town bank /town deposit {money}
Invite player to town /town add {player}
Kick player from town /town kick {player}
Teleport to Town /town spawn

For full command reference, please visit the official Towny Documentation.