A fabled creature that lurks in the shadows, the Draco thrives in the darkness often spending the night feasting on its prey. The Draco takes to the battlefield with a nearly silent footstep where it waits for its unsuspecting victims to cross its path; by the time they hear the wind whistling behind them, it's too late.
Hit Points: 
Melee Rating: 
Range Rating: 
Utility Rating: 

Beach Party

Applies hydrophilic effects to entire group for a duration.
Skill Type: Party
Power Cost: 50
Range: 25
Buff: Strength 1, Resistance 1 in Water
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 60 seconds


Weakens the target, causing them to deal less damage.
Skill Type: Targeted
Buff: Weakness 1
Duration: 10 seconds


Consumes raw pork and beef to gain blood.

Health Regenerate

Regenerate health using your blood.
Skill Type: Passive

Like the Wind

Increases group run speed slightly for a short period of time.
Skill Type: Party
Range: 25
Buff: Speed 2
Duration: 30 seconds
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Night Dweller

Loses blood during the day if not wearing a golden helmet.

Suck Blood

Gains blood when attacking players or animals.

Super Jump

Leaps into the air, granting safefall.
Skill Type: Self
Power Cost: 15
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Water Breathing

Can breathe underwater.