So you've chosen the path of Merchant and have finally reached level 10. Now it's time to embark on your journey as a shop owner on Secret Realm. There are a few things that you need to do first. One is rent your shop. We have 27 shops in our shopping district and one of them can be yours. Each shop is numbered from 1 to 27 so the residence plugin can be used to keep track of whose shop is whose.

To rent a shop for yourself in-game please type the following command:

    /res market rent [shopname] t
     You will replace [shopname] with a corresponding shop. For example Shops.Shop12 etc. All of the shop names are in this format. And please do not forget the T at the very end of the command. We don't want you to come crying to us on day 2 saying "Why don't I still have my shop?". Because without that T you won't have your shop after day 1.

      Once you have rented your prime location, it's time to actually set up the shop. On Secret Realm we don't use the standard shops plugin to create and maintain shops. We have a new plugin that we're trying and the following is what you need to do to create your actual shop.

  1. Place one chest in your shop. One you ask? Yes, this one chest can do so much more than you think. And for the time being one is all you get.
  2. Place a sign on your chest. Do this by shifting while you right-click with the sign and it will place the sign directly on the front of the chest. Type the following on your sign - :as:. This will create your shop and set it to open. You won't have any items for sale yet but we'll get to that.
  3. Right-click on the sign while holding shift and you will open the shop interface. You will see 3 buckets and a chest on the top and your inventory on the bottom. First let's close your shop so no one can take items from your shop as you set it up. To close your shop click on the Chest in the top row. Now when you look at your sign the bars at the bottom will be red and not green. Green for open and red for closed.
  4. Now let's take a look at the buckets. The empty bucket is how you list items in your inventory for sale. The water bucket is to list items that your shop will buy from others and the lava bucket is to remove your shop altogether. Now that you know what the buckets do let's set up your first item for sale. Click on the empty bucket and now all you can see is your inventory, choose an item from your inventory to sell (for this example we'll say Iron Ingots). Click on the iron ingots in your inventory. Any item you would like to sell must be in your inventory not your hotbar. You will now be prompted in chat to add a price so let's sell your iron for 10 coins per ingot. Type in chat like you normally would if you were talking. Type 10 and hit enter. Now you're told that the offer has been added. When you open the chest you will see one iron ingot in the first slot of the chest. Hover over it and you will see Iron Ingot - Buy for 10.00 coins - x0 and your name. Click on the iron ingot and you once again see 3 buckets, water, empty and lava. Water is to load items into your shop, empty is to collect items (take them out) from your shop and the lava bucket removes this offer completely from your shop. So let's add your iron to the shop. Click on the water bucket, you now see Load items and 9 slots of iron ingots. Each slot loads a different amount into your shop. If you hover over the first slot it says - Click: Load items: 1 +Shift: Load items: 64. Subsequently each slot increases this number (2 and 128, 3 and 192, etc.) Don't worry if you have a different number than these for sale the plugin will add whatever quantity you have in your inventory so if you only have 12 it will load that amount. We're going to add a stack of iron ingots for this example so click on the first iron ingot while shifting. Congratulations you have successfully added 64 iron ingots to your shop selling for 10 coins each. If you open the chest you will now see one iron ingot in the first slot and when you hover over it you will see: Iron Ingot - Buy for 10.00 coins - x64 and your name. This is what players will see when they open up your shop. Repeat these steps for every item you want to sell.
  5. Now that we've added items for sale, let's add an item to your shop that you will buy from other players. We are going to use Iron Ingots again for this example. Click on the water bucket and open the shop interface. Now click on the iron ingots in your inventory. You are now prompted to add a price like before, type 5 and hit enter. The next prompt asks you to insert a maximum amount of the item that you want to buy from players, so let's type 64 and hit enter. You have now created an offer to buy up to 64 iron ingots from players at 5 coins each. When you look into your chest you now see an iron ingot on the bottom row of your chest. If you hover over it you see - Iron Ingot - Sell for 5.00 coins - x0/64 and your name. Repeat these steps for every item you want to sell.
  6. Bear in mind you can repeat these steps 27 times in either the sell mode, buy mode or a combination of the two. The total number of items listed cannot exceed what a standard chest can hold (27 x 64 or 1728). We're not sure yet how this plugin will treat items that don't stack in increments of 64, so take that into consideration if you are buying or selling any of these items.
  7. Once you have listed all of your items for sale and those you will buy and have loaded your shop with items it's now time to open it. Go back to step 3 above and repeat it to open your shop.

     Now that your shop is open and you begin doing business you can continue to restock items to offers already listed, remove items that you have bought from players or remove offers altogether to change them to other items. So let's walk you through restocking/and or removing items purchased from your store.

  • To restock a current offer (again let's use the Iron Ingots from the previous steps) open your chest and click on the iron ingots that you are selling. You will repeat the same steps you did in step 4 above to load the items into the shop.
  • To remove items that you have bought from players (using the Iron Ingots once again) click on the iron ingots that you made in step 5 above. They will be the ones on the lower right. This will open up the offer window for your Iron Ingots. If you have bought any the quantity of x0/64 from step 5 above will have changed. For our purposes say it now says x25/64. This means you have purchased 25 iron ingots at your buy price of 5 coins. Now we want to remove them from the store or collect them. To do this click on the empty bucket then click on the first slot to collect your 25 iron ingots. They now go into your inventory. You can now take these home with you or offer them for sale by restocking as you did in step 8.
  • Should you decide you no longer want to sell iron ingots or buy them from other players you can remove the offers from your store. Simply click on the item in the chest you want to remove and then click on the lava bucket. If you have items in any offer make sure you remove them before removing the offer.
  • Should you decide that you no longer want to be a merchant and want to remove your shop, right-click on the sign while shifting to open the shop interface like in step 3 and click on the lava bucket. Again like in the previous step remove all your items from the shop before you complete this step. Once you've clicked on the lava bucket you have removed your shop, you can then break the sign and the chest effectively ending your shopkeeping career.

     I hope this information will make your journey down the path of merchant a little bit easier. If you have any further questions feel free to ask in chat and we will do our best to explain whatever you may not understand fully.