Server Rules

Major Infractions

The following rule violations result in a permanent ban.

  • Hacks or Client Mods
    • No Minimaps (due to player tracking)
    • X-Ray.
    • Speed Hacking.
    • Flying.
    • PvP and Combat Hacks
    • Any other hacks not listed.
  • Exploiting game mechanics to gain any unintended advantage (if you find an exploit, Report it!).
  • Using alt accounts to exploit in-game mechanics. (Your alt account will be permanently banned)
  • Advertising other Minecraft servers.
  • Major instances of griefing (determined at Moderator/Admin's discretion).
  • Any form of attack on Secret Realm or GamingMesh community.
  • Doxing - gathering personal information about a player using online sources and posting it in game (determined at a Moderator/Admin's discretion).

Minor Infractions

The following rule violations will result in a temporary ban for first offenses. All of the following can become a perma ban if repeated.

  • AFK macroing.
  • Multiple accounts (one will be banned!).
  • Extreme chat spamming.
  • Interfering with moderators, admins, and other staff in performing official duties.
  • Splitting Staff (Asking the same question to multiple staff because you didn't like the first answer)
  • Disrespecting staff


The following rules will result in a warning for first offenses and can result in temporary bans if repeated.

  • 1 block wide towers.
  • Offensive player skins
  • Badmouthing (a little smack talking is okay, but keep it civil).
  • Excessive swearing
  • Harassment of staff or players
  • Excessive use of caps in chat.
  • Wasting staff's time or repeatedly filing false reports.
  • Excessive use of caps in chat.
  • Posting inappropriate links in chat. Use common sense.
  • Building redstone clocks, pulse generators, or other types of redstone loops.
  • Building illegal monster generators or mob grinders.
  • Racism, Sexism, or Bigotry
    • Any other kind of -ism we don't like.


Here is our server's rules for what qualifies as Griefing, since this may vary from community to community. These are general guidelines, moderators always have the final say.

  • Destroying terrain for non-building/exploration purposes, or destroying roads.
  • Destroying creations made by other players with the intent of causing grief.
  • Breaking chests or destroying chest rooms.
    • You may take items from unlocked chests. Use your LWC locks to protect your items.
    • Dumping or emptying unlocked chests is not allowed.
  • Any other action with the intent to cause a player grief or destroy progress.

If you are a victim of griefing and the damage is minor, we ask that you fix it yourself.

You may break and enter for PvP and raiding, but keep it to a minimum. Excessive damage caused by breaking and entering may be punished at moderators discretion.  Small tunnels and creating entrances for PvP is generally ok.

Intent and context always matters. While breaking glass windows is frowned upon, if you build your chest room out of glass, expect it to get broken from time to time. Going out of your way to cause grief is not tolerated.

Deactivating traps is generally okay (moving a button or single wire), but removing or destroying all their redstone circuitry is not.

You are responsible for any damage caused by water and lava buckets.

We will not tell you who broke your creation, so don't ask.

If you feel that you are a victim of griefing, or you see evidence of griefing, please report it on the forums..

Monster Generators and Mob Grinders

  • Mob grinders are explicitly disallowed.
    • A mob grinder is any structure which automates or partially automates killing monsters
  • Monster generators that accumulate large number of mobs ("stacking" mobs) are explicitly disallowed.
  • Darkrooms of any kind are disallowed. Players must venture into the wilds to find and kill mobs.

Building Restrictions

  • All bases and buildings must be attached the ground
    • No sky bases whatsoever
  • All bases must have an entrance
    • Entrances must be clean cut, no complex entrances aka mazes, parkour courses, etc.
  • Your base must be raidable, this means players can get into your base without jumping through hoops.
  • Town Spawns MUST NOT be impenetrable or built in such a manner that Towny will regenerate the blocks before raiders can enter.
    • If you are using tools of less than diamond quality and the blocks regenerate, the structure will be exempt; however, if diamond tools cannot penetrate the building, then it must be reconstructed to follow the rule.

Teamspeak 3 Rules

The following are rules specific to our Teamspeak 3 server. Breaking them can result in punishment on the TS3 server but NOT the Minecraft server.

  • Do not harass other users
    • If they don't want you in their channel, find another. We have plenty.
  • Do not advertise other servers be it verbally or in text.
  • Do not repeatedly poke users
    • This goes double for Staff. We will help you when we can.
  • No abuse of TTS. Don't worry about this if you don't know what it is.
  • Do not ask for your own channel. There are plenty of public channels you may use.
    • Towns may receive their own channel on request.