The Lycanthrope is a werewolf, for lack of a better term. Impossibly strong and fast the Lycanthrope pushes the limits of physics itself. Just remember, wolves always travel in packs....
Hit Points: 
Melee Rating: 
Range Rating: 
Utility Rating: 

Heal Pet

Pets slowly regenerate health over time.
Skill Type: Self
Range: 20


Your wolf-like instincts cause you to run faster during the night.

Release Wolves

Releases your wolves into the wild.

Sacrifice Wolves

Sacrifices your wolves, granting you superior strength.
Skill Type: Self
Buff: Strength 1 on self
Duration: 60 seconds
Cooldown: 300 seconds

Summon Wolf

Summons a wolf to help you in battle.


Hits all targets in front of you, applying a bleed.
Skill Type: Targeted
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Wolf Pack

Summons a temporary wolf for every member of your party for a time.
Skill Type: Self
Cooldown: 600 seconds

Wolf Taming

Allows you to tame wild wolves.